Teddy is not just an NFT. It’s a metaverse experience! 5,000-pixel dinosaurs are living on the Solana blockchain, each one giving you exclusive access to our Dinoverse P2E game!
It all started millions of years ago when a cataclysmic event struck the Earth. A deadly asteroid collided with our young planet and instantly vaporized an entire species.
A lone group of dino eggs miraculously survived the blast but soon found themselves deep within the Earth’s core. Centuries go by, where they waited, feeding off Earth’s energy growing stronger and more sentient by the day. 

When the Earth’s terrain finally shifted, the dinos were born anew; smarter, faster, and evolved. After countless millennia of watching humans, they knew it would be impossible to coexist. So the dinos, now calling themselves Teddies, took refuge in the Solana blockchain, where they live out their days masquerading as humans and enjoying the finer things in life, like coffee!

Teddy T-Rex was created by the Emmy Award-winning studio Pixeldust, creators of Ancient Earth and NatGeo’s Jurassic CSI! We are changing the world one pixel at a time.

With innovative utility, Teddy T-Rex sets itself apart from other NFT projects. Each Teddy NFT will grant its owner a unique playable avatar in our expansive Dinoverse P2E game, built on Photon.

With online lobbies for up to 32 players, you can hang out with other holders, build a customizable Dino Den, battle enemies, complete challenges, and earn rewards in the Dinoverse’s economy.

Don’t just hodl your Teddys, put them to work and  earn $DGEM. Choose one of the 15 and 30 days locked plans or the flexible 60 days unlocked agreement, where you can un-stake your Teddy and collect your earnings anytime you like.

The Dinoverse ecosystem is powered by $DGEM, short for Dino Gem. Earn $DGEM in-game and use it to power up your Teddy, buy tools, participate in auctions, purchase incredible weapons, and more! Maximizing utility, and fun, for our holders, is at the heart of the Dinoverse.

What are the perks of owning a Teddy?

Be a part of something extraordinary. Each Teddy grants you access to our Dinoverse, a P2E game exclusive to our holders. 

How can I earn $DGEM?

$DGEM can be earned by staking your Teddy in the Dino Quarry, playing the Dinoverse, selecting giveaways, or getting a special airdrop!

What’s the utility of $DGEM? 

$DGEM is a powerful token that can be used in many ways. In addition to enhancing the user experience within the Dinoverse, $DGEM will also be used for community raffles, events, auctions, and expansions to be announced later.

Is there a limited supply of $DGEM?

$DGEM has a total supply of 333,333,333. The supply is finite, and no new tokens will be minted. There will be halvening events at stipulated supply milestones.

When will the Dinoverse be out of alpha?

The Dinoverse will constantly update with exciting new features based on internal and community feedback. While we don’t like putting a date on things, rest assured Teddy holders will be getting a quality experience that will only strengthen with further updates.

Wen moon?

You’ll know it when we get there!

What’s Teddy’s full name?

Theodore Terrence Rex.

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